Make the Most of your Wedding Day:
Hair & Makeup

Planning a wedding can get overwhelming very quickly. One of the best things a wedding planner can offer engaged couples is clarity when it comes to hiring the right vendors. With so many (fantastic) potential vendors out there, it can be so beneficial to work with a professional to help you assemble a great team!

So, we've asked a few of our most favorite vendors to give you a little behind-the-scenes look at what goes into working with their clients. We're starting with the wonderful Bianca of Bianca Sansosti Artistry, a collective of hairstylists and makeup artists who specialize in on-location services for weddings and events. She's here today to talk about the hair and makeup trial: what is it and why is it important?

Take it away, Bianca!

Photo courtesy of  Bella-Hill Wedding House

Photo courtesy of Bella-Hill Wedding House

The Importance of a Hair and Makeup Trial

With all the different services that a couple experiences during wedding planning and on the wedding day, none is a more personal experience than hair and makeup. How you look translates to how you feel so we, as professional hairstylists and makeup artists, want to ensure that you look (and feel) absolutely amazing that day.

In almost ten years of working in the beauty industry, I have had my fair share of clients who were apprehensive about having their hair and makeup professionally done, and rightfully so! Some have had bad experiences in the past, some have never had services done at all, and many were nervous to have someone do their hair who is not their regular stylist; mostly they were afraid that they weren’t going to look like themselves. We want you to look like you, the best, most enhanced version of you. 

This can mean different things for different people, so having a hair and makeup trial is such an important step in the process. I like to say that the trial is more important for us than the actual wedding day – that’s because on the wedding day, we already know what to do because of the trial! We want you to look back at your photos 25 years later and still love how you looked and felt that day! 

Photos courtesy of  Emilia Jane Photography

Photos courtesy of Emilia Jane Photography

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What should I expect at a trial?

Your hair and makeup trial is an extended appointment time, where you practice the styles and looks you want for the wedding day, and then make adjustments and tweaks until it’s perfect. It’s so helpful to use inspiration photos since clients often can’t tell us, in hair and makeup terms, what they are envisioning. 

During initial calls with clients, I ask a lot of questions, including some that are not necessarily beauty-related. The answers provide a sense of overall style and vision, providing the opportunity to provide our professional advice and recommendations as to whether or not those styles and looks will work for features, such as eye shape, hair texture and hair length. Our goal is for longevity and performance on the wedding day, using the best style to complement features. 

From there, it’s styling time! We will pin your hair different ways, try a couple lip colors and determine your final look. At the end of the trial, it’s important to provide additional do’s and don’ts for hair and/or skin leading up to the wedding for best results and staying power.

Photo courtesy of  Alaina Bos Photography

Photo courtesy of Alaina Bos Photography

Tips & Recommendations for Successful Hair & Makeup Trials

So how can you make sure your hair and makeup experience is top-notch and delivers flawless results on the big day? 

  1. Communication is key! Let your artist and stylist know how you’re feeling about everything, both what you love and what you want to do differently. 
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask for adjustments. You’re not going to hurt our feelings; this is our job, and we want you to be HAPPY! 
  3. Tell us your normal hair and skin care routines - we may have additional recommendations for you! Let us know (especially your makeup artist) if you have any allergies or skin conditions we need to be aware of.
  4. Your inspiration photos are just that – inspiration. It’s important to be realistic, and be aware that your final look may not look exactly like the photos. Most of the time, photos that are sent to us are from Pinterest and are heavily retouched. That gorgeous, super textured, low bun that is the perfect balance between messy and polished? That’s not actually going to hold for an 8+ hour wedding day.
  5. Keep your hair color in mind when looking for inspiration, making sure to look for photos with similar hair coloring. Blonde and highlighted hair is going to show off more texture and depth than dark hair or hair that is one overall color, so if you have dark hair and your inspiration photo was a blonde, the hairstyle is going to look a little different on you. 
  6. The same goes for makeup – look for photos of models with similar skin and eye color, to have a realistic idea of how that will look on you.
  7. Don’t change your haircut or hair color drastically after your hair and makeup trial, because your new look may not work anymore for the new style. Instead, tell us your plans so we can give you recommendations, and show your regular stylist photos from your trial.
  8. Don’t schedule your hair and makeup trial for other events, like engagement photos or bridal showers. Most times, your wedding look isn’t appropriate for those events, since there is not as much formality. If possible, try to schedule a dress fitting the afternoon or evening of your trial, so you can see your whole look, head to toe. Such a fun way to experience it before the big day!
Photo courtesy of  Kat/Eye Studios

Photo courtesy of Kat/Eye Studios

Was that informative or what?! Thank you so much to Bianca Sansosti for the inside look at hair and makeup trials. Our clients love working with you and your incredible team! We want you to make the most of your wedding day, so let us know if you're feeling overwhelmed by the planning process - we're here for you! Send us an email and we'll work through it!