Ten Fun Facts About Jessica!

While this is long overdue, we’re so excited to introduce our newest team member, Jessica!

Jessica started with Clover Events as an event assistant in 2018 and very quickly jumped into an Associate Planner role. She is a recent transplant to Chicago, coming from her hometown of Kansas City, where she was planner there. Jessica brings to the team an incredible attention to detail, a keen eye for design and a constant smile! We love having her!

Photos courtesy of    Gerber & Scarpelli

Photos courtesy of Gerber & Scarpelli

Clover Events-Associate Planner-Chicago Wedding Planner-Chicago Wedding Coordinator

You can read more about Jessica over on our About page, but we wanted to share some fun facts today! Enjoy!

ONE: Originally from Minnesota, but spent most of my life in Kansas City. I have major hometown pride; let's talk BBQ, oh, and Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

TWO: My favorite brunch spot in Chicago is RM Champagne. I mean, it has the word champagne in it, need I say more? Plus they have a killer patio!

THREE: You can always find me dancing. I started when I was two, and still take classes as an adult. Don't be surprised if you see me busting a move next to the DJ table at your event. 

FOUR: I have a fear of balloons, "globophobic" if we're getting technical. The balloon decor trend has definitely made me face my fears. I'm actually obsessed with the trend, just don't pop that thing near me and we're good! 

FIVE: I'm a big craft beer fan. Whenever I travel I like to try the local breweries.

Photo courtesy of    Lilly Photography

Photo courtesy of Lilly Photography

SIX: I have a large postcard collection from all over the world dating over fifteen years old. I love collecting postcards from my friends to see the different places they have traveled and hearing what they loved about those places. 

SEVEN: I firmly believe cookies were put on this earth to make me happy. My friends call me the cookie monster. 

EIGHT: I love finding new and trendy places. Chicago has no shortage of this, and it makes my heart so happy.

NINE: My favorite pizza in Chicago has to be Jets Pizza. Those pizza squares just get me.

TEN: I'm a sucker for a good true crime story. SSDGM--Any fellow murderinos out there?! 

Photo courtesy of Y   ou Me Photography

Photo courtesy of You Me Photography